I’ve been really struggling from Gmail’s sluggishness recently. After a series of tests, I’ve come to the conclusion, that Gmail’s performance highly depends on… your luck. Obviously, most accounts work just fine, and the chance that you are affected is not very high. However, if you don’t have luck, your mail will work like it’s served using an old 28.8 kbit/s dial-up connection. Or worse.

I currently have 1 personal and 3 business accounts fully served by Gmail. One of those business accounts (the most important one) started acting up a few weeks ago. Initially, I thought there may be something wrong with my OS or with the browsers, but step by step I’ve eliminated all potential causes of problems (cache, plugins, http vs https, firewalls, antivirus software, browser types). So now I’m stuck with e-mail service that sometimes works super fast, and sometimes takes about 10 seconds to load a message.  Tried contacting Gmail support, it took me a long time to find a way to contact them directly - these forms are nicely hidden so that only the most stubborn people can find them - saddly, nobody responded. I started writing on the support forums. No luck so far…Here are a couple of threads clearly showing that many people are having similar problems:


This leaves us with questions, like “Can we really rely on Google?” and “Is this a good idea to keep all of our important stuff on their servers?”